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One in nine U.S. women will develop breast cancer. Every 13 minutes, a woman will die of breast cancer. This year alone, an estimated 40,800 women will die of the disease, according to the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations. But breast cancer is a very treatable disease, if it is detected early enough. Doing regular self exams can make all the difference.

Itís a simple three-step program:
1. Call 1-888-292-7365 and get a free Buddy Check kit. Put the reminder stickers on your calendar on the 25th of each month.

2. Get a buddy, someone you care about--your mother, aunt, friend, co-worker, etc.

3. On Buddy Check day - the 25th of each month - do your self-exam and remind your buddy. If you find a lump, thickening or swelling, call your doctor. If you detect breast cancer early enough, your chances of beating it are better than 95 percent