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Hair loss, whether the result of chemotherapy, cranial surgery, alopecia, familial balding, or thinning of hair due to aging, can be a traumatic, devastating situation. Unfortunately, appropriate head coverings are often difficult to find and expensive when available, while simple sewing patterns are scarce as well. Chemohat sewing patterns now offers instant solutions to both of these problems.


WE WILL CONTINUE, as in the past, to offer the easy sewing patterns shown below for attractive, comfortable head coverings for men, women, and children. These provide complete head coverage as an immediate enhancement to your appearance, dignity, and self-esteem. All our patterns are the ultimate in simplicity, requiring less than three-quarters of a yard of 45” material and approximately one-half hour to make. And our styles are not just for those suffering hair loss—they are the perfect answer for anyone having a “bad hair” day.


UniCap and Cover Cap


Cover Cap has a little extra fullness in the back, while UniCap is a truly unisex style that fits the head slightly closer. Each has a small piece of elastic inserted at the nape of the neck as well as ties that further adjust for a perfect fit. 




EasyWrap converts easily to a high fashion style simply by using a dressy material that drapes softly. This pattern is unique in that it can be worn two different ways.


Wrap 'n Twist


Wrap ’n Twist offers a fashionable look with long ties knotted at the back and twisted slightly as they are brought up at each side to tie again at the top. Make the ties of contrasting material for a touch of chic!


Day ’n Night


This was created in response to the need for a warm, comfortable sleep cap. It is our second unisex style, equally appropriate for men and women.  Make it in soft, cozy flannel for warmth while sleeping or during cooler weather, or in lightweight cotton for casual anytime wear. Its adjustable tape ties are narrow and flat for maximum comfort.



Handi-Hat is our newest design developed in response to requests for a simple, comfortable, all-season pattern. No ties, no elastic, just slip it on for complete coverage. Use light-weight cotton for warm days, or flannel, fleece or knits during colder temperatures. Soft, dressy materials make Handi-Hat perfect for special occasions as well.




For the convenience of  individuals or groups wishing to make and donate these much-needed head coverings to cancer treatment centers, clinics, hospitals, etc., a free sample query letter will be included with each order.

EasyWrap (view 1)
EasyWrap (view 2)
Wrap 'n Twist
Wrap 'n Twist (side view)
Day 'n Night